RIVETHEAD – Established 2002 – Dallas, TX

We’re going to keep this simple. RIVETHEAD started in 2002 and has played shows all over Texas, Louisiana, Florida, California, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

RIVETHEAD has loads of TV credits, use in films, and our tunes have rocked arenas and stadiums between plays at sporting matches (Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas, Dallas Burn, and more). RIVETHEAD has been a long time staple on the Lex and Terry Morning Radio Show, and the band’s music has been heard just about everywhere. We’ve put some credits on the Credits page.

RIVETHEAD is Steve Page (vocals, guitars, keys), Sam Grun (bass), and Mike Lambert (drums)

The band members are currently also working with Sock Puppet Parody. Google it. You can thank us later!