RIVETHEAD proudly endorses Seymour Duncan!

We love the sound of Seymour Duncan pickups! If you love our sound, grab a set for yourself!

Seymour Duncan Artist and Their Pickups – Steve Page & Kevin Kerr- guitarists of Rivethead

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Song writing continues

One of the best bits of being in a band, is the song writing process. What starts out as a riff, ends up being a new song, and is sometimes thrown to life in just minutes. It will be very exciting to get another RIVETHEAD album out for you all to rock to!

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Video milestone, just around the corner

As of this posting, we have 494,503 views via Youtube. Not bad! 500,000 is right around the corner!!!

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It’s hockey season!

We’re beyond happy that hockey is back! Anyone remember us playing live at American Airlines Center during a Dallas Stars game back in 2011?
We’ve posted the official footage on our videos page

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Rivethead covers player added to site

6 original albums. 2 cover albums, with a new album being written now. We get asked a lot about our covers, so we’ve added a player to our music site so you can check them out:



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Are you ready? Are you reaaaaaadddddddy?

Our next live gig is November the 1st at The Rail Club in Fort Worth with Designed in Kaos, Low Gear, and Wake the Fear! Hope to see you there!

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