Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everyone for your support at our recent shows in Dallas, San Antonio, and Tyler!

We’re off for a bit of a break. and will be back September 19th at The Curtain Club. We hope to see you then! It will be a killer gig!



See you tomorrow East Texas!

Tomorrow night, we rock Clicks in Tyler, TX alongside Darkside of Daylight, Edge of Misery, and Fantasma! target=”blank”


Happy Friday!

It’s Friday! Hope your weekend is Hella Good! RIVETHEAD – Hella Good cover

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Thanks in advance!

13th of June, 2015, we rock Boozehounds in San Antonio!

13th of June, we rock Boozehounds in San Antonio!


Our singer is a pretty nice guy, for a wookiee :)

Mike Castellucci brings a wookiee to work:…05/04/26897811/

ESPN style segments (there are 11):

1. Bryan McCullough – ESB Darth Vader – SL 61716
2. David Carter – Boba Fett – BH 5835
3. Steve Page – Tarfful – TK9727
4. Cory Parker – Tusken Raider – DZ 2372
5. Tim Waychoff – Stormtrooper – TK-51878
6. Luke Wallace – Luke Skywalker – Kessel Base – Rebel Legion
7. Michael Koenig – Jango Fett – BH 1869
8. James Matlock – Mace Windu – Kessel Base – Rebel Legion
9. Luis Garibay – Stormtrooper – TK 7153

Check out these great photos from this past Sunday night show at Trees in Dallas!

RIVETHEAD is now endorsed by BC Rich Guitars!

If you know anything about us, you know we have a deep love and appreciation for BC Rich Guitars. We have several of them and will be adding more! Thank you to Gary and everyone at Hanser Music Group and BC Rich Guitars!

BC Rich Guitars

Can’t wait to see you all soon! – RIVETHEAD opens for Orgy, 9 Electric, and Death Valley High at Trees on April 19th!

Facebook event link:

Orgy, 9 ELECTRIC, DEATH VALLEY HIGH, RIVETHEAD, and Lilith of Exile at Trees
Sunday, April 19th, 2015

We’ve got some killer gigs coming up!

We’re adding more as we go, so keep your eyes here and on Facebook/Twitter!

April 19th, 2015 – Orgy, 9 Electric, Death Valley High, RIVETHEAD, Lilith of Exile at Trees, Dallas, TX
Link to Facebook gig

May 30th, 2015 – RIVETHEAD, Seilver Loves Mercury, Secret of Boris and more – The Rail, Fort Worth, TX
Link to Facebook gig

June 13th, 2015 – Anonymous Henchmen, Seven Day Summer, RIVETHEAD, Valyrian at FITZGERALD’S BAR & LIVE MUSIC, San Antonio, TX
Link to Facebook gig

Halloween, October 31st, 2015 – Prong, RIVETHEAD, Designed in Kaos, and A Jury of Robots – HALLOWEEN 2015 – at Trees, Dallas, TX
Link to Facebook gig