Next up! Dec 19 at The Curtain Club!

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Dec 19, 2015 – End of the Year Bash with RIVETHEAD, Designed in Kaos, Torque Order and Shadow Union at The Curtain Club

On behalf of our ex-bassist, Derek, we are asking for a little help.

Dennis James Funeral Fund

The James family unexpectedly lost our older brother Dennis to an aggressive form of Cancer. Our faith in God and knowing that Dennis is at peace will carry us through this tragedy along with your prayers. Dennis was caretaker to our mother (both of whom were on fixed income) and did not have any life insurance or savings account. We are trying to raise funds to help with the expense of a simple cremation and memorial. We would like for his final farewell to exemplify our love for him.

RIVETHEAD added to Halloween lineup at Trees

RIVETHEAD added to Halloween lineup at Trees – DEAD SARA * THE BOTS * THE NEW REGIME – RIVETHEAD
We play at 8:00, so get there early. After us, is The New Regime, which is NIN’s drummer’s band. You don’t want to miss a second of this lineup! Come in costume and rock out with us!

RIVETHEAD welcomes new drummer, Wayne Stokely!

After 2 months of auditions with some of the best drummers in Dallas, we would like to welcome Wayne Stokely as RIVETHEAD’s new drummer!

You can check out some photos of Wayne rocking out and read his bio here!

A quick note about our audition process:

We had several incredible drummers join us in our rehearsal studio, and to them we are so incredibly grateful. For their time, their attention to our music, and for some new friendships. Thank you to all of you who took the time to rock with us!

On to round 2…

We had to tell some great drummers and friends that they did not make the 2nd round of drum auditions over the weekend. That wasn’t much fun at all.

How do you narrow down so many excellent tryouts? It wasn’t easy, but we’re down to 4 for wave 2. We’ll keep ya posted!

Almost ready for wave 2

We’ve had around 10 drummers come out and kill it at our studio. We are bout to start wave 2 of tryouts and will be making decisions on who makes it to the next round very shortly.

See you all soon!

Thanks for a killer time Dallas!

So, last Friday (18th of Sept, 2015) we rocked the Curtain Club alongside our good friends Designed in Kaos, The Crimson Veil, and Shadow Union. It was a packed house, and the crowd was fantastic from start to finish! Thanks go to the Curtain Club and to all of the great bands and people who joined us! Of course, a huge thanks goes to Kitty from Silver Loves Mercury for absolutely killing it on drums for us!

We are almost done with the first wave of drummer tryouts. We hope to announce second auditions next week.

Thanks everyone! We will see you soon!

Drum tryouts are going very well!

Not going to post any spoilers here, but we’ve had several drummers join us at our rehearsal studio to tryout. They have gone very well. Just a few more to go!

Our next gig, is Friday night at The Curtain Club with Designed in Kaos, The Crimson Veil, and Shadow Union. Jt, Kitty, Longoria, will be rocking with us on drums for this show. You don’t want to miss it!

A comment from Mark in regards to his departure

Well, I’ve had to make one of the most difficult decisions in my life. I’ve decided to leave Rivethead to shift my focus to my career. I’ve had a blast over the last decade playing in this band and don’t regret any of it. I’ll miss my RivetHead family and wish them all the best!

RIVETHEAD now hiring for a new drummer

Dallas band, RIVETHEAD, is in need of a new drummer.

You must:
Be able to play along to and with backing tracks.
Have skills (this should be obvious).
Have decent kit in good condition. Brand does not matter.
Have reliable transportation (to get yourself to practice).
Be available to practice week nights and play weekends.
Here’s the obvious: We consider ourselves professional. No addicts. Caffeine is OK. Video games are OK. Star Wars is definitely OK. 

What we have:
8 albums. We are writing #9, so you will be a big part of this.
Many, many music videos, with more to come. Over 400,000 views on Youtube.
We are and have been able to open for some of our favorite bands: Static-X, Powerman5000, Prong, Sevendust, Mushroomhead… We headline locally, or co-headline with other established bands.
A global fan-base, although monetarily we can only tour where we are guaranteed funds.
Our music is played at Dallas Cowboys and Stars games. Has been used 3 times on That Metal Show, on Gene Simmons Family Jewels,  LionsGate Films, MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel…
We have several endorsements (B.C. Rich Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley, Kahler, Dunlop ), and if you are willing to take the time, we can help you get some as well.
Full stock of merch (shirts, stickers, wrist bands, buttons, patches, etc.)
We have a trailer big enough to fit all of the gear, and most moderately sized egos. 
Our live show (when headlining) also includes a fully-automated DMX light show, with LEDs, moving LEDs, lasers, black lights, strobes, and more. It’s a bit of fun.

To submit, send a link to your drumming here, along with any bio info you have, including name, age, city of residence, and past and current projects:
Do not send MP3s. The mailbox will fill up too quick. If your email bounces back, it is because someone before you sent MP3s.

Speaking of music, if you want to audition, please learn no less than 3 of our songs before coming out. Our music can be found here: